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Wed Aug 14 11:13:11 EDT 2002

Just one comment about the price of portable computers.

At any given time you can expect the latest and greatest to be priced 
high, and last year's latest and greatest to be priced modestly. This is 
true with IBM Thinkpads and I'm sure it's true of absolutely every vendor. 
I'm sure that the top dollar price paid for my Thinkpad T20 would today be 
buying something else, perhaps the T32. On the other hand, my T20 could be 
had for around $1,000, I expect, give or take a few hundred.
 On Wed, 14 
Aug 2002, Thomas Ward wrote:

> Hi. Personally, IBM Thinkpad's would be my first choice. Especially the T20
> series of notebooks. However, IBM's are extremely on the expencive side.
> However, they seam to work great with Linux.
> Second, I have found tosheba notebooks to work great with Linux. They do
> have a couple of drawbacks that I don't like. They have Win modems, but the
> modems will work with a win modem driver for Linux that is out.  Second, all
> of them now days don't have serial ports, and you have to hunt up a pcmcia
> serial port to drop in it.
> Other than that the price is right, and Tosheba notebooks have been pretty
> good. All of them come with Winblows XP, and well if I flatten it, and put
> linux on my notebook, and they griped about it my words to the manufacturer
> would be, "deal with
> it."
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