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igueths at attbi.com igueths at attbi.com
Wed Aug 14 10:01:49 EDT 2002

Hi. Ok well at least now I know that people are using 
Woody without the problems I have mentioned (I guess 
that this is a good sign for the most part). Also, I 
noticed that Woody has installed modutils 2.4.15, and 
have since not been able to load my modules manually via 
modprobe (don't like modules.conf too much). Can 
modprobe still be run manually to load modules? Or is it 
absolutely necessary that I create files for my various 
devices via /etc/modutils? I personally don't really 
like this method due to the fact that I have always been 
able to script-load my modules and I prefer it that way. 
I am beginning to think that I for some reason did not 
do a full upgrade. Isn't the package index located 
somewhere in /var/state/apt? Bc I was going to remove 
the current index and rebuild it possibly based on Cd 
images. And thanks for all the replies, they have been 
very helpfull. 
> Hi.  I haven't had any of the problems you are having with upgrading to Woody.
> Everything is working fine.
>           Kenny
> 	  On Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 05:06:42PM +0000, igueths at attbi.com wrote:
> > Hi all. I upgraded to Woody about three days ago, and 
> > have since been experiencing many problems. In my 
> > opinion, the thing's not even close to being ready for 
> > stable distribution (unlike potato). Is anyone currently 
> > experiencing problems with modutils, where modprobe 
> > says "invalid line 81 in modules.conf?" Considering the 
> > fact that nothing has been changed in modules.conf for a 
> > considerably long time, because I have always been 
> > loading my modules manually via scripts. Also has anyone 
> > experienced a status 10 in fetchmail because connection 
> > to localhost failed? The most probable cause for this is 
> > an early termination by exim (This was in my syslog 
> > output). Another thing that has been happening to me is 
> > that whenever I download a file in Lynx, and go back to 
> > the previous page, Dectalk seases responding to 
> > keystrokes. This means that possibly setserial is 
> > attempting to change port configuration and preventing 
> > data from being passed to the serial device (the Dectalk 
> > express). Also at boot time, when I am trying to review 
> > the screen with the 5 and 6 keys on the numpad, they 
> > don't work when the hd is being probed for example. They 
> > only work starting at the login prompt. To fix this 
> > problem, I am going to get the keymap that I was using 
> > in potato and revert back to it. In terms of the 
> > problems with the packages, I am going to replace the 
> > Woody version with the potato version of setserial, and 
> > possibly getting the latest version of Exim. Or if that 
> > doesn't work, I'm going to use the Potato version. And 
> > in terms of modutils, its going to have to get scrapped 
> > for the earlier version as well. So far, I know of one 
> > person who has or is experiencing the problems mentioned 
> > above. Is there anyone else? I am considering submitting 
> > a series of bug reports when this whole thing gets 
> > resolved (if nobody else has done so already). Thanks in 
> > advance for any input!
> > 
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