Which Linux (again, I suspect)

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Well Tim if you have my number still, give me a ring and we'll see waht
we can do.  Maybe you'd like to proffer some idea of what the GNU/Linux
will be used for?

If you've lost my number, drop me a line:

gena at gena-j.net


Blindness Advocacy and Self Help Online www.bashonline.org

>Hi all,
>Some of you will almost certainly groan to see me back again after my
>abortive attempts to get Linux going on some decrepit hardware.  The
>good news is that I now have access to something a little better with a
>network card that's supported.  I've got a Sony Vao laptop running at
>600 MHz.  I've got Slackware 7.1 and some kind soul gave me a V8.0 CD,
>which I can't lay my hands on.  I notice that 8.1 is out and I have
>intermittent access to an ADSL link.  Two questions:
>1 - Should I go for Slackware 8.1 or another distro?
>2 - Can somebody give me a complete download URL to get what I need -
>I'll be telling somebody else what to do and I don't want to mess them
>around.  I noticed on the Slackware site that there were two links for
>8.1, one of which was called an ISA image.  This terminology confused me
>- is it an ISA image I'm looking for in order to burn it onto a CD?
>All suggestions and advice gratefully accepted.
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