mp3 2 wav/cda

Scott Howell showell at
Sat Aug 10 21:55:55 EDT 2002

Ay, thanks for the info. I did try this with cdrecord so don't know if
there's any advantage of one over the other, but will certainly try
both. Ay not like either program takes up that much space ay?

Btw, now for the next curious question. Is it possible to take a regular
music cd and copy the thing track by track so that you could conceivably
build your own standard cd that could be used in a regular cd player. I
realize this thread is just a bit off topic, but bare with me here.

I am very interested in this only for that copying a cd to ogg or mp3
format to then take it back to its original format for the sake of
building your own cd seems pointless. Now I have used the abcde script
and it kindly cooks up some ogg files and this is good. Only problem
I've run into is figuring out why the files come out rather distored.
Going to dig about in that script but any suggestions on what could
cause the resulting vorbis files to become distored would be

Btw, the one disc I made lastnight came out nicely. Oh, and how many
minutes would you expect to get from a 720Mb cd in any case. This is for
standard cd playing purposes.

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