samba: reading files from my Windows 2000 machine from my RedHat Linux machine.

Keith Watson Kwatson at
Sat Aug 10 10:00:39 EDT 2002

Hello all,

Thought I might share this with you. Recently I had a need to
duplicate a 110 gig Winblows file system from one winblows box to
another. Hmmmm, winblows has some tools to do this but with very
little assurance factor. I looked into rsync on a windows box,
nice idea but from all the reading i did I got the idea that it
would only replicate from winblows to a linux server. Shelved
that one for later use. Next I looked at samba. Found the perfect
solution there. Using the following command I was able to mount
the two shared directories and use my linux server to rsync from
one winblows system to another.

smbmount "\\\\server\\share" /mountpoint -o

I had to use the double quotes because the share had a space in

Hope this helps someone. And oh by the way, to unmount the mount
point just use:

smbumount /mountpoint

Good Luck.

On 07:07 PM, Scott Howell wrote:
> For a good comprehensive document on Samba, go to the Samba web site,
> and read the book they have available. Its quite
> good and will get you up and running quickly.
> Can't say about winblows 2000, but had no real problem getting 98
> working. Was a matter of editing the Samba config file and setting home
> directories and workgroup name. Set that up on the winblows side and off
> we go.
> good luck
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