Questions About Linux From Blind Computing Student Marvin Hunkin

Doug Lawlor dlawlor at
Fri Aug 2 15:50:57 EDT 2002

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 02:33:47PM +0930, marvin hunkin wrote:

> 1.  When will the software speech synths for linux be avaliable to use?
As far as I know not for a while yet.  There is still a lot
of modularization of the speakup code which has to be done.  

> 2.  Can i install speakup and get speech feedback from the bios?
No.  The bios is a totally different animal than Linux.  

> 3.  Can i configure remote servers and workstations using speakup?
Certainly yes!  You would use 'ssh' or 'telnet', preferably 'ssh',
security to connect to the remote server and do your work.  

> 4.  If and when i have speakup installed with a speech synth and up and 
> running, can i still get speech even i i decide to install another 
> operating system like Windows?
No, you must reboot the machine into DOS for this therefore Speakup is
not running.  

> 5.  Which operating systems will speakup work with besides linux?
Only Linux.  

Doug Lawlor <dlawlor at>

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