got alsa working, but ...

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sat Apr 20 01:00:54 EDT 2002

Ok, I got alsa working.
There were two things wrong.
first of all, in one place i had a snd where there should have been a sound in
my /etc/modutils/alsa.
Second 9and this may help the person trying to get it to work with trplayer,
etc.) I had left one setting muted that needed to be unmuted, just by missing
it. you have to go through and check every
single channel for whether or not it is muted. In aumix, pressing 'm" toggles
everything; in alsamixer, it toggles only the channel/device you are on.
I've still got some fuzziness, so one of the zillion settings or more isn't
quite right yet. Wish they'd call all of the settings by plain english names
and/or explain what all of them mean.
Now I'm trying to figure out how to get my settings to be there when I reboot. I
have to type "alsactl restore" to get them back every time I boot.
Still not convinced I like the sound better than with oss; too soon to tell
until I fine tune. Hope it actually succeeds with the reflector, since that's
why I'm doing it. will practice on the echo server before I come in and blast
anybody out again.
Of course, if I'm deaf after experimenting, you'll be able to hear me, but i
won't be able to hear you!

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