Gregory Nowak romualt at megsinet.net
Sat Jun 23 13:24:56 EDT 2001

Hi All,

I want to give turbo braille a try.
Since my braille blazer is connected
to ttyS1 (I have an ink printer on lp0),
I took a look at /etc/rc.d/rc.serial to make sure that the port settings are correctly set
every time the system boots.
However, I didn't find them there.
My blazer is set to factory defaults of:
9600,8,n,1,software handshake.
My question is do I need to modify Linux's port settings, or are they fine by default?
If I need to modify them, then where do I do so in order for them to be the
default every time I reboot the system? Thanks for any help.

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