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Actually I believe that those cd roms are supported.On 20 Jun 
2001, at 13:06, Buddy Brannan wrote:

Got this from Ann when I responded to her privately and she wrote
back, intending to write to the list.

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Hi all,

Hey, Buddy glad you found that out.  I have to go to the site to get
its url so I knew it worked.  

BTW, you, and anyone else listening.  I need some info fast, fast!  My
computer guru has been roaming around on the HP site today and they
have hp8250I CDWR's that are 4x 4x 24x on sale for $79.00.  I need to
know if these are supported by Linux please.  My friend and guru says
that if I get the info soon, to page him and he'll order it for me.
I'll reemburse him instead of wrestling with an unfamiliar web site.  

So if anyone knows the answer to this question, please, please respond

Ann P.

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