Speakup-enabled kernels

Kenny Hitt kennyhitt at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 19 13:47:03 EDT 2001

Hi, I have found it easier to umpack your source to a different directory
than /usr/src/linux.  Then, you make a link called /usr/src/linux which
points to the actual directory where you unpacked your source.  This
way, it is easy to have more than one version on the system. If you
want to try a different version, just change the link.


On Tue, Jun 19, 2001 at 10:02:11AM -0700, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> Ok, Victor, the problem is that we've really been coviering a couple of
> different topics under one subject heading, and it's gotten some of us
> confused.  There are speakup bootdisks if you're doing an install; if you
> just want to do a kernel upgrade and are going to compile your kernel, you
> can go to www.kernel.organd cd to pub/linux/ (whatever basic version: I
> assume you want v2.2 or 2.4) and get the kernel you want in whatever form
> you want; you'll be able to look at the list with an "ls" command.  You
> might also want to get the changelog for that version. You can also
> do this tby doing ftp to your distrubition's site and doing cd from
> there; I go to ftp.debian.org and then do cd pub/linux/kernel, etc.
> from there. After downloading the kernel, unpack
> it in /usr/src after safely moving any kernel you have as /usr/src/linux
> somewhere else, like /usr/src/linux-old; I seem to remember the README
> that comes with the kernel sources says not to place the kernel you're
> compiling in /usr/src/linux but you won't be able to add speakup if it
> isn't there. When you unpack the kernel in /usr/src if
> automatically creates the linux directory, but just make sure the linux
> that's already there is moved before you unpack. Now that kernel
> doesn't have speakup enabled in any way, shape or form so you ftp over to
> ftp.braille.uwo.ca and cd to pub/linux/speakup and get README.cvs and
> checkout.  Then make sure you have the cvs package installed; at least to
> get this particular procedure to work, you don't have to worry about going
> through the howto and having cvs plus other packages installed; just have
> cvs installed.  Then read the README.cvs for instructions as to where to
> put the checkout file and what to do; I think those instructions will be
> understandable to you.  Don't worry if your system complains that cCVSROOT
> is not set; just hit enter there and you'll be fine.  Of course, you need
> to be online to do this.  Hope this clears up the confusion.  Maybe people
> doing kernel upgrades and people installing distributions need to use
> different subject headings to keep this confusion from mounting again.
> Also, I don't see anything about using the cvs on the
> www.linux-speakup.org, though I certainly could be just missing it.
> Oh, speakup is added to the kernel as patches; if some hunks should fail
> that doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong.
>                               Cheryl
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