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you can still get a shareware version of asap.

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On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Ann Parsons wrote:

> Hi all,
> <smile>  Naw, you don't *have* to have Vocal-Eyes, I use ASAP and it
> works fine.  What you do need is a good DOS screen reader.  Jaws is
> free now, so is Flipper.  Dunnow about ASAP.  
> One caveat I always give to poor newbies who tell me that they've got
> some so-called technical expert for the blind to install their Windows
> systems, if the person installing Windows tells you that they are
> going to remove your DOS screen reader, kill them on the spot!  Do not
> pass go, do not collect $200.  If they say they will leave it alone
> before the knife falls, fine.  If they refuse, continue and get
> another techie.  
> Making a DOS user go to Windows cold turkey is cruel and inhuman
> treatment.  Better yet, go to Gnu/Linux.
> <grinning>
> Ann P.
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