Speakup-enabled kernels

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at worldfront.com
Tue Jun 19 01:16:31 EDT 2001

Ok, here's the scoop on my problem--or half the scoop!
Yes, I'm connected to the Internet; first thing I checked.
It's obviously something with my setup--or lack of setup with cvs.  When I
first wanted to use ./checkout a few weeks ago, I didn't know anything
about it so just downloaded cvs with whatever configuring apt-get in
debian did.  When I used ./checkout, it worked but complained about
cvsroot not being set.  Then when I wanted to try to access
linux-speakup.org to update speak_freely, what I had done didn't work and
I dug into the cvs-howto.  Added what I was told to add to /etc/profile,
set up /home/cvsroot, but then got stuck on what was said about scripts.
Oh, I also downloaded rcs and the packages that debian chose to download
with it.  Anyway, either what I did so far was wrong, or what I haven't
done yet was critical, or both, because I don't think cvs was even trying
to go out on the net.  So what I have done as a temporary fix, until I
figure out all about cvs, is uninstall cvs, rcs, etc., take the lines out
of my /etc/profile, and run ./checkout.  I know this isn't right, but it
went back to working and only complaining about cvsroot not being set;
maybe adding that back into my /etc/profile would solve that particular
Thanks for all the suggestions.


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