Loss of sound

Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at 1tree.net
Wed Jun 13 01:11:51 EDT 2001

Well, I guess I will confess to not being sure of the situation. So lets
get some basic things answered:

Did you have sound in Linux at a previous time?
Did you then upgrade your kernel?
If you then upgraded your kernel, did you then follow with recompiling and
installing the alsa drivers?

Making the educated guess that the first two are yes, and no idea on the
third here is my suggestion. If the thrid is not a yes, try that first. If
the third is a yes, then check that you compiled the needed sound
module. I recall that you can specify which card to compile for, or
compile for the whole lot of them.

Finally, it seems as if the symptoms you mention are listed in the alsa
docs. I could be wrong as it has been quite awhile since I installed my
drivers. All the same, my gut reaction is that your present kernel and
installed alsa drivers are in different version numbers. If you moved to a
newer kernel, your modules from a previous kernel won't be found. You
*might* be able to copy them to the new modules directory, but would
recomend recompilling them and installing them as if they hadn't been on
before. In fact, you may want to run make clean before compiling the alsa
drivers again.

Kirk Wood
Cpt.Kirk at 1tree.net

Nothing is hard if you know the answer or are used to doing it.

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