Help Getting zipspeak running

Matthew Janusauskas matthewj at
Mon Jun 11 20:47:05 EDT 2001

Hi all,

I posted this to the blinux-newbie at list, but haven't seen any
traffic other than my message for several days now.  I was hoping someone
here could help me.

After taking about a year's break I'm ready to dive into the beginnings of
linux again.  This time I have a much better system to work with thankfully.
i have a HP 900 Mhz AMD system with 128 MB of RAM.

I've downloaded and installed the zipspeak distribution, and the dectlk
kernal and bootdisk image with speakup.  I've used rawrite to make the boot
disk, since I'm using windows ME, I think that's the only way I'll be able
to boot the system since there is no DOS mode available to me to bnoot from.

Using the boot disk, at the beep I type:

mount root=/dev/hda1 rw

the system was unzipped to c:\linux, on my primary IDE drive.  The floppy
reads and accesses for a few minutes and then everything stops with no
speach at all.  I have my Dectalk express connected to Com1.

Can anyone help me fingure out what's wrong and how I can get things going?

Thanks so much!


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