Firewall question:

Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at
Fri Jun 8 15:23:12 EDT 2001

Most likely there is. If you are using ipchains on your personal firewall
then you can change this with the -M option. You will want to consult the
documentation for specifics. If you are using a comercial product consult
their docs. You may also be able to adjust the time before a keep alive
packet is sent.

Finally, if you are behind a corperate firewall they may even be filtering
out things such as keep alive packets. At any rate, I would not recomend
trying to defeat the thing. If you have some compelling business reason
for holding the session then go through proper chanels. Remember that
several notorious people have gone to jail because their view of what
their employer wanted them to do and the employer's differed.

Kirk Wood
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