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Hi had to open me mouth here again. The capping largely depends on the
provider of the fiber net and it's capacity. with Rogers if I remember  my
product well enough i think uploads are a max of 64 kbps per sec and
downloads are 384 kps max. I rarely get these the gods of connectivity have
to be really shining down upon you for things that are close:).

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Thanks for the more detailed info. I don't know what the caps are on users
per local loop in cable either. I do know that they can add channels (each
able to support the 27Mbs) as they need more localized bandwidth. I have
had my service for over three years and also have only noticed bandwidth
problems much further upstream then the local loop.

As for the local download speed, while theoretically possible to obtain
27Mbs, I had a measured download speed of 3.2Mbps when they installed the
cable. Again, three years later I have yet to notice a slow down. What may
be of note, is that cable is the only afordable option for broadband in my
area. My local loop covers includes apartments about three miles away. So
at least in my area the slowdown is nothing but marketing hype to convince
you to by DSL.

As for real world experiances I have a close friend with DSL. He
experiances downloads slightly slower in speed. We have had about the same
amount of trouble with the lines. The big thing is that his ISP allows for
him to buy a routed subnet consisting of 5 available IPs. I can have
up to three non-routed IPs that are normally in different subnets.

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