distribution of SLackware on cd

Gregory Nowak romualt at megsinet.net
Mon Jul 16 13:40:18 EDT 2001

I'm using an Hp cd-writer +9100 with ide-scsi
emulation, and Linux does a good job with it for me.
In fact, I hesitated blowing windblows off this machine because of easy-cd creator,
but after learning cdrecord and all that stuff, I took the 
Linux only plunge, and don't regret it  on any account.

On Mon, Jul 16, 2001 at 06:27:24AM -0500, Richard Webb wrote:
> On 2001-07-16 speakup at braille.uwo.ca said to elspider at interl.net
>    >have not received any usable response to this request.  My own
>    >researches on this issue have produced a telephone number for
>    >Slackware software on CDROM. The number is 925-674-9124.  I don't
>    >know if money orders are accepted, but you might call and find out.
> I may try that.  I've had an offer from a private individual to burn
> me a disk, I assume for a replacement of the blank or something, and
> will take the option first, but will probably call that number if this
> doesn't work out.
> Upgrading a 486 100 with a Zefiro za2 audio card and a cd burner.
> WIll be looking at a burner that's supported by linux.  I"m not a
> microsoft fan by any stretch of the immagination and don't want this
> machine accessible to the average tweaker that doesn't know what he's
> tweaking.  That's my next question folks:  Anybody give me suggestions
> on what to check out for burners which are supported by this os
> reliably?
> Richard Webb
> Electric Spider Productions
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> this garbage, having passed through a very expensive machine, is
> somehow enobled and none dare criticize it.
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