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I've found the same behaviour with jfw.

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If you are using Wineyes 4.1, the latest and best version, you can hit
enter key on the combo box and out of habit use the alt down arrow key
combination.  This will work for even those that auto trigger when
through them.  Pressing alt-down arrow will keep it from triggering
you press the tab key to leave that control's focus.

When I have to spend time with windows, Window-Eyes does a darn good job
making the experience pleasant.

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Aha. In wineyes, when you're on a combo box,
turn off msaa with ctrl+shift+a, tab again to the combo box
(because you've been moved off of it), and use down/up arrows to select
you would like.
Once you've made your selection, hit enter on it.
I've generally found wineyes 3.1 (which is the latest I have here)
to work fine with combo boxes. The only onse it has trouble with are the
self-activating kind
(the kind that take you right away to the next web page as soon as you
hit an arrow key).
Hope this helps.

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> Hi all,
> Dave, this is win98, with MSIE 5 and Win-eyes 4.1.
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