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Jason Symes jsymes at
Mon Dec 31 11:40:35 EST 2001

Being a new user myself, I can answer a few of your questions, but I'll
leave a couple to the experts on this list. I'll answer your questions
directly, the answer immediately after your question.
At 09:12 AM 12/31/01 -0500, you wrote:
>   Greetings,     I am a JAWS user with a Gateway  Celeron and usb
>connections. I have purchased a SUSE LINUX software package. I  would
>appreciate answers to these questions:     1. When will Tuxtalk be 
I have no clue. Experts?
     2. What is the general price  range for a hardware
It depends whether your looking for something for internal or external
connection. I'm partial to the DoubleTalk line from RcSystems myself, both
for their reliability, low price, and high quality. You can find details
about the DoubleTalk Pc and DoubleTalk Lt at:
There's also another products called TrippleTalk, in both a pci internal
card and usb connection models, but I can't remember the web site for that
off the top of my head. The nice thing is all of these synths cost about or
under $400.
     3. Does this software help solve  installation probvlems?
Not sure. Experts? 
>   4. What synthesizer will connect  properly with my system?
It all depends on the type and age of your system. The Doubletalk pc is an
ISA board for older machines, the DoubleTalk Lt connects to a standard
9-pin serial port, Trippletalk Pci connects to a pci slot on recently built
computers, and the trippletalk usb connects to the usb port on your
computer. However, connecting a synth to a port makes the synth a tad less
responsive than its internal card counterpart, so I'd go with an internal
synth if possible.
     5. Would I be better off to  first try zipspeak?
Being a new user still testing out linux, I'd say yes. That way, at first,
you don't have to monkey around with partitioning a drive or buying a
second drive, you can get your feet wet to see if you like linux before you
waste the money on something you won't.
       PS: I have not unwrapped the 
>package yet so I can see your answers. Chuck Kyle      
Jason Symes

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