speakup 1.0 and slackware 8.0

Reinhard Stebner raydar at tamu.edu
Sun Dec 30 11:45:14 EST 2001

Thank you so much for your help Chuck.  I will give that a try the next time
I log in to Unix/Linux.  I am looking forward to getting my box up.  I am
going to have to wait a few more days before I can get my feet web so to
say.  The box I am going to install Linux on is at school and I am home for
Christmas brake.  Once I get the os up, I am going to need help on how to
configure my network card.  Bye for now

are the square brackets these [] ?
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> Hi Reinhard -
> On Sat, 29 Dec 2001, Reinhard Stebner wrote:
> > regarding the man page, I do not understand how the screen is set up
> > all of the [] {} and <>.  This is why I wanted someone to explain how
> > page is set up for me with man.
> >
> All those funny punctuation marks you mention will appear on the
> line or lines called "synopsis", which is a summary of all the
> possible formats for the particular command. Basically anything
> enclosed in square brackets is optional - you can omit it if you
> wish. If an item is followed by ellipses (several dots) you can
> repeat it as often as you like. Items separated by the vertical
> bar (|) are alternatives - you choose one or the other of them.
> When a command talks about "options" it is essentially what DOS
> calls "switches" except you do not use the slash as the leading
> character, you use the dash instead.
> When you use the "man" command you are automatically placed in
> the "less" pager and can page through a command description with
> all the standard commands supported by less. The space bar pages
> forward by a full screenful, and the letter "q" exits the pager.
> Want more? Type "man less".
> Want to save a command description to a file? Use "redirection"
> to a filename you choose. For instance:
> man less > less.man
> The file "less.man" is your own creation and contains a plain
> text copy of the info on "less".
> HTH - Chuck
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