s3 virge video card

Terry Cudney tcudney at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 29 23:28:36 EST 2001

Hi Sean,

	The S3/Virge video cards work fine w/ Linux. I've had a couple and no probs with a text (non-X) system. I never had X on those systems, so cant' comment on S3/Virge w/ X.

	Anyway, X has nothing to do with booting, so that isn't your problem.

	It does sound like a hardware problem, perhaps unrelated to Linux. Have you had this system funtioning with any OS? Do you know that the main board/bios/ram/etc are functional?

You wrote:

-=> Hi guys,
-=> I've another question relating to my pentium 100 that I'm trying to solve.
-=> could the video card the "s3 virge" have any baring on my situation at all?
-=> personally I don't see how but I thought I'd ask all the same. just to clear up some things here.
-=> thanks in advance.
-=> Shaun.
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