slackware 8.0 directory contents

Thomas Ward tward at
Sat Dec 29 02:41:23 EST 2001

Hi, you only really need install.iso. The extra.iso file contains other
ported apps. such as the Sun Micro jdk and the Linux java run time
The Java stuff is the only thing I found of personal use off the extra iso
disk, but you could download that from Sun just as well, and get the 1.4

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> Hi list.
> I'm playing around with the idea of upgrading to a full version of
> Slackware 8.0 with speakup, and being that I have only a 56k modem at the
> moment, I'm curious as to the files that are required to be downloaded.
> downloading install.isa, but what is contained in extras.isa?
> Thanks, and have a good new year.
> Jason Symes
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