ssh clients for windblows

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Sun Dec 23 23:07:10 EST 2001

Go to:

You can download qvt/term 5 which has both telnet and ssh as well as ftp in
it.  He would like money for it but it doesn't seem cripled.

I've used version 4 of the earlier version which is telnet and ftp and used
WinVision with the telnet client just fine and looks like once I understand
how to write a SET file for WinEyes, I'll be able to make one for the
verison 5.

Merry Christmas Eve eve and Happy Holidays/whichever works for you! to all!

Amanda Lee

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> Hi all,
> I know there was some discussion on this way back, and that Janina posted
some stuff about it, but ... Where can I find accessible ssh clients for
windblows? I like the one that comes with cygwin, but I'd prefer something
that's stand-alone and that could be run from a floppy. If it works from a
DOS box, even better.
> Thanks for any help in advance.
> Greg
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