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Fri Dec 21 21:55:50 EST 2001

Hi, Jason. Personally, you are much better off going with a full blown
distribution such as Red Hat 7.2.
There are quite a few limitations with Zipspeak that should be addressed.

At the last I knew of it doesn't support /proc. This means if you try to
upgrade to Speakup 1.0 you will not be able to change voice rate, pitch, and
all of that. As well as many other /proc settings you might want.

Also I was never able to get X going under Zipspeak so that other family
members could use Linux with gui which didn't go over well with them. They
like to use Gnome, and I was able to do that much easier under Red Hat 7.2.
Also if you ever get interested in Vmware which allows you to run Windows
under Linux it requires a working x server. Which was easy enough to get
going with RH 7.2.

While you can get just about any app to run under Zipspeak it was easier
just getting a full distribution which has just about anything you want on
the cd already. It is known to work with the distribution, is precompiled,
and there is less to download.
That is unless you download the distribution, and that is pretty big.

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> I just got ZipSpeak 7.1 unzipped on my system, and I'm eagerly awaiting
> some Windows tasks to finish running so I can shut down and kick the
> However, I'm curious as to ZipSpeak's limitations.
> I've got a Smart And Friendly 2x2x24x cdr-w drive connected to my pc via a
> scsi expansion card. Will ZipSpeak see this drive?
> Thanks, and have a happy holidays!
> Jason Symes
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