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Sorry, I've done this under DOS, Win32 and Java, but not under Linux but I'm
sure its the same.

There's bound to be a function that'll return a list of all files in the
current directory.  Then it's simple programming to see which of them fits
the wildcard.  Then once you have a list of files to play you just open the
file and do stuff etc.

If you're really lucky there may be functions under Linux to return a list
of files that match the wildcard but I'n not sure.

Oh, and I'm assuming you know how to program.  In case you don't, every
C/C++ program has a function called main.  Main has two parameters - the
number of command line parameters and an array of strings containing the
parameters - this is the operating system's doing.

Hope this satisfies your curiosity.

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> Hi all,
> There is something that's been eating away at my cariousity for the last
few days, and I just had to ask the below.
> Say you run a program such as mpg123 or any other program which
minipulates files, and you pass it *.*, or my?.mp3 to open. How does it
parce that to get a list of files that match *.* or my?.mp3? I tried looking
for mpg123 code that does that, but couldn't find it.
> Could someone please enlighten me, I'm very much interested. Thanks.
> Greg
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