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Fri Dec 21 15:25:08 EST 2001

Since we're on the topic of zipspeak, is there a projected date for when zipspeak 8.0 will be available for download from somewhere? Thanks.

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 07:12:08PM -0000, Saqib Shaikh wrote:
> What I would recommend you do is this:
> >From the ftp site, also download the file ltlk (it doesn't have a file
> extention).  You should already have all the files in c:\linux or
> some_drive:\linux.
> Then edit c:\linux\linux.bat.  You'll need a line like this:
> \linux\loadlin \linux\ltlk root=something rw
> In the above, replace something with your hard disc.  I get the impression
> that you know enough about computers to understand what I'm going to say
> next:
> hda is the first ide hard disc, hdb the second ide drive etc.
> similarly you have sda and sdb for scsi discs.
> then you also need the partition number, which start at one.  So hda1 is the
> first partition on the first ide drive, and sdb3 is the third partition on
> the second scsi drive.  Do you get all this?
> in any case replace this in the line i gave you and comment out / delete the
> rest of linux.bat.  so to recap your linux.bat file should look something
> like
> \linux\loadlin \linux\ltlk root=/dev/hda1 rw
> Hope this helps and don't hesitate to contact me for further help.
> Saqib Shaikh ss at saqibshaikh.com
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> > Another thing I forgot to mention in my post. I'm running a doubletalk lt
> > on my com1 port. Being that I've never tried any os not produced by ms,
> I'm
> > not sure how to start ZipSpeak with the doubletalk lt. I checked the
> > readme.1st and the zipspeak.txt files in the same ftp folder as the
> > zipspeak.zip file, and I gathered that I had to download the lt's boot
> disk
> > image and create a boot floppy with that image file decoder (the file's
> > name escapes me). Is this correct, or is there a shorter way for a linux
> > novice to start the lt?
> > tia, and merry Christmas.
> >
> > Jason Symes
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