A linux equivalent to MSN Messenger

Shaun Oliver shauno at goanna.net.au
Thu Dec 20 07:16:43 EST 2001

hahahahaha. I never give myself deadlines.
if I do, I just end up getting the shits with it and swear at it etc.
I find it easier to work at yer own pace and learn things by at least 3
1. play around with the thing. see what's there.
2. rtfm and try to extraplate the relevant information.
3. ask other people who've had experience with running similar servers,
apps etc.
Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Yvonne
Smith wrote:

> Shaun Oliver writes:
>  > but I might give that jabber server thing a go myself and see how it
>  > runs.
> Oh, it runs ok. But it's a pain in the neck to set up the first time
> you do it. Do it as a hobby, and don't give yourself a deadline. Play
> around with it while you're not doing anything else very important,
> <grin>. That way, you probably won't go mad.
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