A linux equivalent to MSN Messenger

Shaun Oliver shauno at goanna.net.au
Thu Dec 20 05:18:45 EST 2001

ah ok. no problems.
better to run your own server as far as I'm concerned.
I run an ircd here when I'm connected and like doing it.
I have the control over the content and I know who comes and goes from
my server. because I do not allow anyone I don't know to connect to it
just yet.
but I might give that jabber server thing a go myself and see how it
On Wed, 19 Dec 2001,
Yvonne Smith wrote:

>  > A bit weird? That's the understatement of the week.
>  > I found alot of disconnection problems were to be had with that server so 
>  > I stuck with jabber.com
> Well, I wouldn't know. My husband and I were running our own server,
> since we wanted to experiment with transports and stuff on our own.
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