there is a msn client for linux

Raul A . Gallegos raul.a.gallegos at
Mon Dec 17 11:14:49 EST 2001

To get it into dumb mode edit the file called interfaceModule.C and
interfaceModule.h.  Do a search for Dumb, change Dumb=0 to 1.  At least
that is all I did and it seems to really
be in dumb mode.

It works ok but for backspacing I have to control-h so it's not really
worth it to me if I typo.  people will have to live with my typos.  Also
when I /quit I get a segment fault error at the very end.  It's a nice
start though.  If anyone wants to play chatting with me my userid on msn
is ragallegos at which is basically my spam address lol.
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