rebuilding kernel

Dave Hunt wx1g at
Sun Dec 16 14:31:40 EST 2001


I do have ext3 support.  When I upgraded this installation from RH7.0 to 
7.2, I let the installer port my ext2 over.  When I build this new 
kernel, I'll be sure to include ex23.

Another query:

does "make modules_install" update "/etc/modules.conf"?  If not, I put 
the aliases in as I configure?  

Thanks for any help,


On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Janina Sajka 

> Actually there is a little difference inasmuch as Redhat has gone ahead 
> and included ext3 as an option with Redhat 7.2. So, if you've gone ext3, 
> and you compile a stock kernel from, you will not be able 
> to mount your drives with that kernel.

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