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Fri Dec 14 08:25:06 EST 2001

I've done that too but they all go into my main box.  For example if I'm
user raul and have user rgallegos, asmodean, and spam all on my box the fetchmail will get all the mail from remote
accounts elsewhere but put them all in the raul account or all in the
root mail.

What I want to do is for example get raul's email and have it go to
raul, get asmodean's email and have it go to asmodean and get rgallegos'
mail and have it go to rgallegos.  Currently the way I'm doing it is
each user raul, asmodean, rgallegos have their own .fetchmailrc file.  I
know there is a way to have one global fetchmailrc and perhaps run by
user fetchmail and have it toss the mail in the appropriate
/var/spool/mail/user box.

Perhaps a sample is in order if you don't mind.

tward at said the following on Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 10:27:57PM -0500:
> Hi, Raul. I simply put all the information for each account I want to fetch
> for in one .fetchmailrc file in order that I want them to pop.
> For example my main account on my box is tward so I put the .fetchmailrc
> file in there and then in that .fetchmailrc file I put in each account I
> want it to pop from, and it does it.
> if I want to view the messages for tward 2 all I need do is logout, relog in
> as tward2, and look in pine in my inbox.
> If you need more help or a sample .fetchmailrc file just ask.
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> > Hi gang.  I know how to configure a fetchmail daemon for a single
> > non-root user but what I'm not sure of is how to make a system wide
> > fetchmail which will fetch mail for several accounts.  I could easilly
> > setup a .fetchmailrc for each user but I know there is a global
> > fetchmailrc I can setup which will fetch mail for multiple users and put
> > the messages in the appropriate.  I've read the fetchmail FAQ but it is
> > not very clear on doing this.
> >
> > Any help is appreciated.
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