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I think that the sender wanted to know if they could boot MS ME and Linux,
which the answer is yes.  You don't need a DOS prompt to load Linux.  The
most widely used utility is called lilo.

Let's take one step at a time.


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for starters, what distro of linux are you planing on running?
and why would you want to boot to dos?
is there not some speakup bootdisks for your sdistro?
just t thought is all.
On Sat, 8
Dec 2001, Angelo Sonnesso wrote:

> I would like to run a duel boot system on my home machine I have a 10 gb
> hard drive, and a 2.5 gb scsi drive.  I am running Windows me on the ide
> drive and would like to run Linux on the scsi drive. Since windows me
> doesn't have a way to boot to dos can I still setup a duel boot system.
> Un fortunately I have to keep the windows operating system to remain
> compatible with my co-workers.
> Any suggestions?
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> > Hi:
> >
> > Having just done it, putting linux on a second drive and making a dule
> boot
> > system is really easy.  So if you do decide to go the second HD route
> > save yourself the fiddle, it's very easy to make the dule boot thing
> >
> > Geoff.
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