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I wondered if you'd like to consider looking at a Linux distribution that
will install itself in a folder of your Windows disk.  The advantage is that
you don't have to bother with adding disks, or partitioning.  Its ideal as a
beginning.  You'll need about 100Mb of disk space for the distribution.  The
speaking version is called ZipSpeak which is a speaking version of ZipSlack.
You'll need one of the supported synthesisers.  You can read about the
ZipSlack at:


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I'm considering purchasing a second hard drive to install some version of
Linux on, while leaving my Win98SE as my main os. I've never installed a
second os on one system, and I've had vary little experience with other
os's from Windows. I heard about Speak Out from another list, and they
recommended that I contact this list to get some help.

I would appreciate any recommendations that any of you can make.

Jason Symes

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