Spell Checking e-mail

Thomas Ward tward at bright.net
Thu Dec 6 15:24:29 EST 2001

Hi, I spell check all my Linux docs in Emacs, and it does work.It is a
matter of knowing how to use the spell checker.
It works alot like the old WP 5.1 spell checker worked.
You run the spell check option from the edit menu in Emacs, and you are then
prompted with a series of choices.If you are wanting to do just the current
document you press the letter for buffer, or if it is the current email you
select that option.
Then, It shows you the misspelled word and a series of numbers 0 through
whatever, and you press the number for the option that matches.
It is all matter of getting Speakups review curser in the right place, and

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> Hi
> I Wondered If Someone Could Suggest An Editor That Will Allow Me To Spell
> Check E-mail?  I've Got Nmh Set Up To Deal With E-mail And I Can Specify
> Whatever Editor I Wish.  I've Been Using Nano, But The Spell Check Doesn't
> Seem To Work.  I've Also Installed Ispell But Can't Find The Way For It To
> Spell Check The Current Open Document Within Emacs.
> As I Need To Create Documents And Be Able To Spell Check Them, I'm
> To Invest Some Time In Learning An Editor, To Use Under Linux.  Any
> Suggestions?
> Gena
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