transferring linux system to another hard drive

Steve Dawes sdawes at
Wed Dec 5 20:09:54 EST 2001

The free way to do this is as follows!

1.  have both hard drives connected to the same computer
2. boot the system with a rescue disk, that contains the speaking kernels
and tools necessary to do the rest of this job.
3.  once booted, type the following at the command prompt, leaving off the
quotes of course.
"dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb"
4.  Mount the new drive
5. chroot
6. lilo
7.  Remove the floppy.
8.  shutdown
9.  disconnect the original drive.
10.  Boot the system, and voila.

This does work, as I know of people who have done exactly the steps listed

Good Luck!!!


Steve Dawes VE6AYT

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> There is a great program out there called Image cast 4.5 that will do just
> this sort of thing. It isn't free, but I love it.
> Image cast does have a dos client which  you can make a batch
> file for which
> will do the following:
> A. Image all your files, and if you want image [partitions as well.  B.
> converts it to a file which you send to another computer on your
> network or
> another hard drive in your computer. C. I use a batch file which then
> extracts the image onto the new hard drive, and it is easy as that.
> If you are interested email me off list and I'll see if I can
> help you get
> up and running with IC 4.5, and get your drives imaged.
> You can email me at:
> tward at
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> Subject: transfering linux system to another hard drive
> > I apologize for the cross-post, but I'm trying to get info as soon as
> > possible; even if somebody has just seen this on one of these lists and
> > can steer me toward the correct archive it would be appreciated.
> > My hard drive with linux is failing; I have just obtained a 20gig drive
> > which will have both my dos and linux on it. All drives--my dying linux
> > drive, my old and tiny dos drive, and my new drive--are all connected to
> > the computer. I will have to partition the hard drive, but it is being
> > recognized correctly in the bios and linux. Eventually, the dying drive
> > (hda) will be removed as will the dos drive (hdd) and the new
> drive (hdb)
> > will become hda.  I want to know if there is a way to transfer my linux
> > from the dying 2.5gig drive to the new 20gig; I am assuming I will first
> > need to partition the hard drive and the partitioning will probably be
> > somewhat different from the old drive due to the difference in size.
> > Sorry for the info repeat to those on blinux.
> > I know I saw a discussion of just this problem somewhere recently but
> > haven't been able to locate it.
> > Also, can I make my partition that will hold dos with linux since I have
> > no data already onthe hard drive to protect?
> > thanks.
> > Cheryl
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