ltlk on com2

Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Dec 4 16:39:19 EST 2001

Yes, there is something you can do to insure that speakup will use the 
second serial port.

Both in the installation, and in the append= in your lilo.conf, add 
speakup_ser=1 to the parameters. So, you might say, during installation:

text speakup_synth=ltlk speakup_ser=1

and in your lilo.conf:

append="speakup_synth=ltlk speakup_ser=1"

Note the double quotation marks.

PS: Don't say com1 or com2 when speaking of linux. That isn't a linux 
designation, it's a DOS/Windows designation. The correct unix/linux 
terminology is ttyS0 and ttyS1 for the first and second serial ports, 
 On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> Now that I have dsl and took out my internal modem, I have braillelite on
> com1 (for brltty) and doubletalk on com2. I want to make sure speakup uses
> the doubletalk on com2 rather than trying to use the braillelite. Is there
> something I need to do to make this work. I plan to sometimes use the
> brltty and speakup programs at the same time.
> thanks.
> Cheryl
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