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I have a Linksys 4 port Cable/Dsl router. It is now sitting idle on my shelf
as I have turned my old p166 into a firewall/router. I did this because the
only way I was able to access the Linksys was through IE in Winblows. That
ticked me off enough to go the route that I have.

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Well I can't get the setup to come back up in the browser so I'll probably
be talking to tech support tomorrow before my volunteer with eyes comes

I also have had issues with getting WinVision to work with this Compaq
1Ghz box and Windows Me so I was unable to just go after this on my own
over the weekend.
I just ordered Window-Eyes so should have a fairly stable Windows Screen
Reader by end of week.  Then will let you know how accessible the Linksys
software is.


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