character file

Lawrence Baggett baggett at euclid.Colorado.EDU
Sat Dec 1 11:19:21 EST 2001

The character file is just a list
of 256 ascii characters, together with the pronunciation of each one
in speakup.  You can change the way your synth pronounces any one
of these 256.  I have done this,
because I wanted my accent to say "dollar" instead of "dollars" for the
dollar sign,
and I wanted it to say "underscore" instead of "lkine" when it sees an

To make these changes in pronunciation requires a re-writing
of the whole character file each boot up.
What I did, for instance, was to copy the character file
from the /proc/speakup/accent directory into my home directory.
Thgen I edited the new file, made the changes I mentioned, and saved it.
Finally, in my rc.local file, I put a line in that copies my home
directory character file
onto the one in /proc/speakup...
You can't edit a file in the /proc tree, so this seems to be the only way.

I probably told you more than you wanted to know.


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