net access under Linux progress and questions

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I got a 3com 2976.

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>i am considering buying a pci modem, which one did you get?
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>> Hello all,

>> For those who are interested, I have a progress report and a few
>questions.  To make a long story short, I finally managed to locate some
>documentation for the pctel modem driver under linux (how about that).  It
>turns out that my type of pctel modem is not supported by the driver (it
>only seems to support 2 main types).  After not much thinking, I went this
>morning to buy a rather expensive (but probably worth it) pci hardware
>modem.  Since this morning, I managed to set up ppp, and can dial my ISP.  I
>can telnet, ftp, use lynx and the works (or so it seems).  The only thing I
>can't do is send or receive e-mail.  Could someone please let me know how to
>get started with sendmail/fetchmail? I don't want anything fancy, just to be
>able to get mail from and send mail to my ISP'S mail server.  Sendmail itself
>appears to be installed correctly since I can send mail to user at localhost
>without a problem.  Also, I noticed that when I'm using lynx off-line and
>type a url, it doesn't bri!
>> ng up my ppp script to dial my ISP.  How do I fix that.  Thanks for any
>help in advance.
>> Greg

>> P.S.  So far, I like the way linux handles internet as opposed to

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