slackware query please.

Shaun Oliver shaunoliver at
Wed Apr 11 06:54:51 EDT 2001

thanks for that chuck. right at the moment I don't need x gnome or any of
that stuff but, who needs x when u can't use it <lol>
maybe someone should start on a version of speakup for those that want x
would not that be an idea that can be tossed around from time to time?
I'll leave you with that thought.
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> Hi Shaun -
> I did not see your earlier post, but until recently I used an 850 meg hard
> drive for my Slackware distro, including versions up to 7.1. However, I
> did not do a full install - I basically omitted emacs, the x packages, and
> the gnome and kde development packages. Those are humungous. If you need
> them you may need more than 850 megs.
> Chuck
>  On Wed, 11 Apr 2001,
> Shaun Oliver wrote:
> > Hi all.
> > I'm not sure whether or not you received my last posting as I had some
email issues to resolve.
> > my query was to find out how much drive space is required for a typical
slackware installation.
> > I've been trying to install it on an 850 mb hard drive without much
success and I fear that I need at least 1 gb for a full installation.
> > is this correct?
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Shaun.
> >
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