Lucent winmodem drivers in linux

Brent Harding bharding at
Sun Apr 8 17:39:54 EDT 2001

Cool, so they give you the source to compile it for whatever kernel you
have instead of the .o file for only kernel 2.2.14?
At 05:09 AM 4/8/01 -0400, you wrote:
>     The most recent version of the lucent driver, 5.78e, works with all
>later 2.2 kernels and, even the latest 2.4 kernel, 2.4.3. I'm using it right
>now with kernel 2.4.3 and it works fine. Red Hat will not really set it up,
>because the driver doesn't ship with it. You'll need to compile yourself a
>good kernel (from clean sources) and then compile the lucent driver. Or you
>could try redhat's patched kernel sources, but I do not know if this would
>work well. The lucent driver is available at:
>There's a link there that says "Lucent/Agere modem resources", under that
>you'll find the lucent driver. Note that this one comes in a tar.gz format.
>You don't want the one in zip format from, it's outdated and
>will not work with the 2.4 kernel tree. As for setting it up, no IRQ
>knowledge is needed. The modem is addressed as /dev/ttyLT0 after you load
>the module.
>On Sat, Apr 07, 2001 at 10:31:42PM -0500, Brent Harding wrote:
>> Are the Lucent winmodem drivers able to work with any recent version of the
>> linux kernel? I mean the latest ones and maybe even 2.4 stuff? Will redhat
>> set this up fairly easy so I don't have to worry about IO ports and IRQ's?
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