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 Microsof caved.  I don't know what their privacy statement is, but the
following is the new terms of use:


  After the standard "we own everthing", they put the following:

This section is inapplicable to any personally identifiable information
that you provide in connection with your registration for the Passport
Service(s). For terms and conditions governing use of such information and
for more information on how the Passport Service works, please refer to
the Passport Privacy Statement at
http://www.passport.com/Consumer/PrivacyPolicy.asp. This privacy statement
is controlling and overrides any conflicting language contained in these
Terms of Use concerning use of such information.

This section also is inapplicable to any documents, information, or other
data that you upload, transmit or otherwise submit to or through any
Passport-Enabled Properties. Please refer to the terms and conditions for
such Passport-Enabled Properties to determine the rights of the web site
or service provider to such documents, information and/or data.


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