Loading Keymap In RedHat 7

Stephen Dawes sdawes at gov.calgary.ab.ca
Tue Apr 3 17:27:40 EDT 2001

If you edit the following file and remove the .map extension from speakup,
the key map will load automatically.


the bottom line is usually the one that you are looking for to make the
above change to.

Good luck!

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  Hi, everyone:

  Well, thanks to Bill Acker's excellent assistance, I've got speakup
running on my Redhat 7 Linux system.  I'm really like a kid in a candy store
because the interface is very good and easy to use.  I have it running with
an Accent-SA synthesizer.

  My first question has to do with the default loading of the keymap file.
As Ia test, I wanted to reboot my system just to make sure it came back up
cleanly, but I noticed that the navigation keystrokes were no longer working
after the reboot.  I took a look at /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, and discovered
that speakup's key table is not automatically loaded upon reboot (probably
no surprise to you veteran speakup users (smile)).I happen to have the
speakup keymap file downloaded from Bill's FTP site in my home directory, so
the first thing I do when I login is to type:

  loadkeys speakup.kmap.gz

  and all is well.  There has to be a better and more automatic way to get
this keymap file loaded, isn't there?

  Thanks for any help.
  Pete De Vasto
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