Installing From Boot Disk

William F. Acker WB2FLW +1-303-777-8123 wacker at
Sun Apr 1 16:17:33 EDT 2001

Hi Pete,

     The problem is that RedHat doesn't use the same kernel for the
install process as it does to run the system after installation.  Happily,
there's a fairly easy solution.  RH has kernel-2.2.17 RPM's that are for
versions 6x and 7.0.  Go to
and download the kernel RPM's from there.  If you need help in installing
them, call or write.  Since the new kernels have all synthesizers compiled
in, you'll have to select your acntsa with a boot parameter.  Add
append="speakup_synth=acntsa" to your lilo.conf file.

          Bill in Denver

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