apollo driver

Saqib Shaikh saqib at saqib-shaikh.freeserve.co.uk
Tue May 30 08:09:36 EDT 2000

hi all,
jacob schmude kindly made me a boot disk with apollo 2 support 
for slackware; i have lost his address. anyway, the disk appears 
not to work.  i put in the boot floppy and it brings up a welcome 
message and the boot prompt. i press enter at the boot promtp as 
instructed. then, the floppy drive wirs for a little while, but does not 
click as normal if you know what i mean. this is as if the disk is 
rotating but no data is being read. this goes on for up to an hour. all 
this time there is no speach. my apollo is plugged into com1 under 
dos, there is just no response! anyone know where the problem 
may lie? regards, saqib shaikh

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