Speakup and synth initialization at boot

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Tue May 30 06:47:29 EDT 2000

"Victor Tsaran" <vtsaran at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu> writes:

>  How long do you wait before you give on synth's initialization? For
> instance, it seems as though Speakup doesn't wait too long to receive a
> response from synth. I noticed that on some synths, it might be my problem

I don't remember off hand how long I wait.  It is plenty long enough
for the synth to respond if it is going to though.  If you have used
the speakup_ser option then the timer isn't used anyway.

> as well, if the cable is damaged a bit, it may take longer for the synth to
> send a response string.
> What would you say?

No.  If the cable is damaged then it will probably not work.  If it
has a lose connection or two then the problem will be intermittent so it
will work sometimes but not others.  As far as I know, damaged cables
don't slow down electrons.

You might want to ask Bill if he has built the newer Redhat 6.2 images
with the newest speakup_ltlk driver.  I've changed the way the synth
is detected.



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