Running Speakup on a zip drive

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Mon May 29 20:25:57 EDT 2000

I agree Janina. I'm sure tired of windows crashing on me <grin> I got the
zip issue fixed and that's running fine and my linux is running great.

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On 5/29/00 at 7:37 PM Janina Sajka wrote:

>So, Dr. Don, you're checking out this Linux thing, too? Seems it's
>getting pretty popular with us blinks! <grin>
>I must confess, I love it. Can't wait until I can do everything I want
>in Linux--which is definitely not the case yet.
>				Janina
>On Sat, 27 May 2000, djc
>> 	Hi. I'm running Matt Campels speakup with the slackware. I want to put
>> linux on to a zip disk. I have an iomega ide internal 100 meg zip drive
>> the machine. I put the linux folder on the disk and I changed the load
>> to sda4 and then booted in to true dos and called my drive which is
>> D. It came up talking ok so it found the doubletalk but near the end of
>> opening screen it gave a panic kernel error and said it couldn't open. I
>> read the readme.ppa file but I sure don't understand what to do to fix
>> so it will run from the zip disk. My linux runs fine off my c:\ drive so
>> all the files are ok. If anyone can advise what I need to do in order to
>> get this to run from the zip disk I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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