I need assistance

Matthew Janusauskas matthewj at core.com
Mon May 29 13:25:42 EDT 2000

Hi Kirk and list,

Would someone be willing to send me a kernel with the DecTalk 0.05 driver
for speakup built into it?  Perhaps a boot disk image?  I haven't been able
to get hold of Jacob.  I'd sure love to be able to get past the login prompt
lockup!  If I could just get the system to boot at leastt then I could start
learning and reading the system documentation.
Thanks for your help.

-Matthew J

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Hi Matt:  Jacob couldn't have snet you version -7 of the dectalk
driver because we haven't gotten then yet.  The highest version is 06
and it hasn't been released to anyone yet.  I will try to send you
version 05 under separate cover.



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