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Sun May 28 20:17:45 EDT 2000

Actually, I changed the line from 1 to 0 because I needed ttyS0 and not
ttyS1. I redownload the 6.2 images and give them a try.
Also, several of us should write to RedHat asking for text-only printer
setup utility because it seems as though they have only printtool for X
interface and nothing similar to that in the shell prompt.

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> Vic, did you actually get the synth to start blabing with
> serial=1,9600N8?  Because that shouldn't work according to there
> documentation.  I am sorry I haven't posted any more messages about this
> topic.  But last sunday I figured it out.  The line should be
> serial 0 9600
> This would be sending data out the com1 or ttyS0.
> Again what synth are you using?
> Oh and the biggest thing of all...  The oficial word from Bill is don't
> use the 6.1 boot disks.  They are broken.  Use the 6.2 disks.  They work
> better.  I am not exactly sure what is broken about these disks.
> Frank
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