RedHat6.1 and booting up with Syslinux

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at
Sun May 28 05:50:15 EDT 2000

Actually, loading speaking LILO was very simple. I just added the line


at the top section of the syslinux.cfg and it went off talking. However,
this didn't resolve the problem of Speakup not detecting the synthesizer.
Kirk, perhaps you'd have some interesting ideas?

Again, below my final syslinux.cfg after correcting some errors:

default linux
prompt 1
timeout 600
display boot.msg
F1 boot.msg
F2 general.msg
F3 expert.msg
F4 kickit.msg
F5 param.msg
F7 snake.msg
label linux
  kernel vmlinuz
  append initrd=initrd.img local
label text
  kernel vmlinuz
  append console=ttyS0
  append initrd=initrd.img local text
label rescue
  kernel vmlinuz
  append rescue
label expert
  kernel vmlinuz
  append expert initrd=initrd.img local
label ks
  kernel vmlinuz
  append ks initrd=initrd.img local

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